What we do in life echoes in eternity.!!

Blog made so somewhere a boy can writes about out of the context thoughts and mixed feelings that he do not want to share with known once.

Remember, Life has no limitations, except the once you make one.

Who knows what happens the next moment? So just pack your bags and let go where ever life takes you. every day.

Quote Note #1

Things changes so fast. Try remembering yourself three to five years ago. The way you look, the way you talk, those feelings, even those old conversations, the way you text somebody, everything. And look at you now. How many things are changed? Maybe a lot. It’s okay to laugh on your own silly things forContinue reading “Quote Note #1”

Something new coming up

I was inactive for a long time. But I came back to my this lovely blog. I think I should blog very often than what I was doing till now. So I decided to start two series of blog posts. Stay tuned! Peace Out – Raaj


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Welcome to the blog of mine. I am Raaj. Blogging is part time thing that I do whenever I feel . Stay tuned with me!!

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