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What we do in life echoes in eternity.!!

Blog made so somewhere a boy can writes about out of the context thoughts and mixed feelings that nobody is there to hear.

SO Here I am. Head starting my blog at wordpress. Sharing something that you’ll call weird.

Diverting mind with READING
Who knows what happens the next moment? So just pack your bags and let go where ever life takes you. every day.


The Nostalgia हौले सेधीमे सेमुझको बाहों में भर लो न तुमनर्म सीसाँसों मेंमुझको आहों में भर लो न तुम अब तो आती है, बुलाती हैबिस्तर से यूँ गिराती हैकि सौं में, बाहों में बस तेरी, हाँजब बारिशें बरसती हैंपागल जैसे थिरकती हैतुम जैसी हो, बस वैसी ही रहो अब तेरे बिना यहाँ मेरी साँसेजैसे बिना निन्दिया की…

The revelation of the moment #4

The most pure, melodious and melodious music of the world is always flowing in our courtyard. It is the music of a laughing plant in our yard or of a tall tree. What a squeaky laugh it was when the tree slowly sprouted from the seed! Gradually, it’s youth began to explode, and her attitude…

A Stumble on Ego

Man finds the ego of another unbearable because it hurts his own ego. In this world, only lust and ego have caused a wail. Your ego may sting others but lust and ego will make you fall. So much man does not know by settling in conscience, if he knows he can be free from…


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Welcome to the blog of mine. I am Raj patel. Blogging is part time thing that i do whenever i alone. Stay tuned with me!! Find out more About me!!

A good day starts with a good mindset.


Life has no limitations, except the once you make one.

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